Capture your memories
Start writing your thoughts and memories
and have them synced and backed up in the cloud.

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Version 0.4.0

glimpses - A simple, minimal and free journal app for windows | Product Hunt Embed


glimpses (beta) provides a simple and beautiful interface to capture your thoughts and moments. Use glimpses as a personal journal to track your daily activities, record your travels, people you meet.

glimpses use Dropbox syncing capabilities to sync all your entries. It stores all the journal entries at your Dropbox account. Just authorize with Dropbox and you're ready to go.

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Why glimpses


glimpses is designed to be easy to start with
easy to use with minimal, simple and intuitive design


glimpses is totally secure.
There are no glimpses servers in the chain.
Just your Windows and Dropbox service.


All your glimpses entries will in be
in sync with your dropbox account.


glimpses built specifically for the

We are constantly improving glimpses. All software updates are free.
We'll be launching both iOS and android version of glimpses soon.