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Minimalist design, privacy-focused with high performance is been the key mantra for glimpses journal app in its journey in the last 4 years.


glimpses journal offers simple & intuitive interface which render it easy to start with.


Data is stored in your personal Dropbox cloud, which is encrypted by default. And there are no glimpses servers in the chain.


A distraction-free writing mode that focuses just on your words.


Organize your journal entries with tags & re-discover the past with calendar.


All your glimpses journal entries will be stored and in sync with your Dropbox account.


glimpses journal is built natively for the Windows.


You are in a great company.
See what they have to say below. 

Been trying glimpses journal app. Loved the minimalist design & easy use.

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Rami Sarieddine


Just stumbled upon glimpses a journaling app with a clean UI for Windows. Really satisfied what I need. Awesome work.

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Joeylene Rivera


Best way to bring my thoughts to text. Love  this app.

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just converted a lot of my physical journal into glimpses and its working amazingly. Can't wait for the ios App

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Alden Brown


Glimpses is great. I wish I'd have stumbled onto it before I blew my money on a Microsoft store app that crashes when I try to do the one thing I bought it for. Using glimpses seems more intuitive anyway.

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Wimpy Checkers


Please know that your work is important for a lot of us. Keep up the amazing journal app!

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