A glimpse into our features

Simple journal app with the clever and rich feature set that you'll ever need.

glimpses journal app dark theme

Timeline view

Rediscover your memories with a beautiful timeline view in glimpses.

glimpses journal app timeline view
glimpses journal app calendar view

Calendar Integration

Integrated calendar view to see how well you've been keeping up with your writing. 
It is easy to create an entry on a specific date by just selecting the date in the calendar.

Passcode protection

Secure your entries with passcode & hint.
Once you set the passcode, glimpses prompt you next time you start the journal.

glimpses journal app passcode window
glimpses journal app distraction free mode

Distraction-free writing

glimpses offers distraction-free writing. It hides things that can get in the way of your writing and helps you stay focused.

Lots of other goodies

...and much more:

Markdown support

Support Markdown preview

PDF Export

Export your entries to PDF

Shareable link

Publish your entries to create a private shareable link

Dark Theme

Offers night mode / dark theme to make it easy for your eyes.


View the details of your entries, marked favourites, photos and tags.

Retro Mode

Rediscover the past with realistic typewriter mode.


Organize your entries with weighted multiple colour tags.

Mark favourites

Mark your favourite entries for easy finding, Don't let your memories fade off.


Instant searches for your journal entries.

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