This section addresses a some common questions. It is most often from our user's questions and requests, that new features and ideas come into life. If your question is not here, just drop us a line at support@getglimpses.com

How does glimpses work?

glimpses use Dropbox syncing capabilities to sync all your entries with your Dropbox. glimpses can automatically synchronize your entries. Your data is stored securely. 

Is my journal  private?

Absolutely! glimpses is completely private. Everything is stored in your Dropbox app folder, which is only visible to you.

How to use glimpses app?

Please visit our quick-start guide located at support.getglimpses.com for the brief overview of how to get started with glimpses journal app.

Do I need to create glimpses account to  sync?

No separate account is required to start glimpses. We do not store your credentials.

Why glimpses is asking dropbox password?

Please be noted that we do not store your password anywhere in the application or in glimpses servers. We use Dropbox OAuth 2 open specification for authentication and authorization. Please refer here for more details.

How can I contact you?

Please contact us  here. And if you have any bug/feature request, please raise it on glimpses communuty-forum.

When will iOS & Android apps be released?

We'll be launching both    iOS and   android version of glimpses soon.

How do I  delete/close my account?

glimpses doesn't have accounts stored. Simply uninstall the app and delete the permission from Dropbox's Connected App tab.

Does glimpses support iCloud or oogle?

No, as we wanted to provide simple and focused experience to our users, glimpses only support Dropbox sync.

Does glimpses support  Windows 7?

Yes, glimpses support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use glimpses?

Once you logged in with your Dropbox account, you can start writing journal even being offline. Sync happens only when you are connected to the Internet.

What does publish button do?

Publish feature helps you to share your journal entry with your near & dear ones. A shareable link is created, which is completely private and is not saved anywhere on glimpses server. And the link is uploaded to your Dropbox-links folder.
If you no longer want the link to persist, you can simply delete the link file from Dropbox-links folder.

glimpses-setup.exe gets qurantined as threat while downloading.

glimpses-setup.exe is generated with Squirrel framework,
And apps built with it sometimes gets quarantined as a virus threat which is false positive. glimpses is 100% clean no Viruses, no Adwares.
Checkout the recent Microsoft malware analysis scan report.

Will I lose my data if glimpses shutdown.

No. You can continue using glimpses as long as you want. However, synchronization with your Dropbox account will work only as long as Dropbox API have the support.
We've added features to batch export all your entries into plain text and JSON formats. We value your memories,  you're in safe hands.

What are the  keyboard shortcuts available.

CTRL + N   New journal entry

CTRL + I    To add / update image in selected journal entry

CTRL + Shift + F    To mark favorite journal entry

DELETE    Delete selected journal entry

CTRL + M    Preview markdown of the selected journal entry

CTRL + E    Export selected journal entry

CTRL + Shift + P    Publish selected journal entry

CTRL + D    Toggle distraction-free mode

Do you offer student/teacher discounts?

Yes, we do offer 60% off for students & teachers. Please checkout out blog for requesting this discount.